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Entrance door repair Calgary

At several points in the life of your entrance door, you will need to have a technician inspect and repair it to prevent a break-in. When that time comes, a quick call to our Calgary door repair team is all you need to get the perfect service you require.

Why should you get your door repaired?

There may be several reasons that you may need to get your entrance door repaired. We recommend performing annual checks on your doors to make sure they are functioning as they should.

Here are a few reasons why our customers request a door repair or replacement.

1. For Security Purposes

The main reason people build doors is for security. No matter how peaceful your area is or how terrible your door is, you can’t sleep at night without bolting the door, neither can you go out without locks on the door.

To keep your business or property safe, you must always inspect your doors, especially the exterior door—glass, steel or aluminum—to know when they’re due for repair or a complete door replacement.

2. Style

People have different styles. We acknowledge that at our Calgary door repair company and, as such, we create personalized services for every client.

3. Age

Age catches up on everything and entry doors are not an exception. Entry doors are treated roughly because they’re the first contact for visitors and attempted break-ins.

The older they get, the more likely it is that you will need to replace or repair them.

Common issues can range from

  • Warping doors
  • Weatherstripping wearing and tearing
  • Bottom brushes wearing
  • Locksets and hardware malfunctioning/breaking from years of use.

Over time steel doors may start warping in the door or frame, this most commonly happens with age as well as wear and tear.

Wear and tear over time can also result in weather stripping and bottom brushes deteriorating, our team at Avenue can help replace both of these items to ensure your door can handle the harsh Calgary weather and prevent mice from getting in.

We also highly recommend monitoring your door hardware and locksets as these are key components of your entrance door. Ensuring that they are up to standard will help you prevent the need for unexpected and expensive repairs down the road.

There are many Calgary door repair companies to choose from. When you choose Avenue BPM you are choosing a professional in the entrance door repair industry.

Types of entrance doors?

There are many types of doors to choose from in Calgary. Below are some of the types of doors you may have and that our technicians have worked on.

1. Commecial Doors

Our team at Avenue services nearly all types of commercial doors. We have commonly serviced doors within malls and other commercial buildings.

Some examples of commonly found doors within these commercial buildings would be revolving doors, automatic glass sliding doors and hollow steel doors to name a few.

2. Steel doors

When you choose a commercial steel door for your business you can rest knowing it will last for a long time. These steel doors are an excellent choice to use in high traffic areas, harsh exterior environments, and areas that may be left vulnerable to high humidity. Steel doors come in a variety of different options ranging from fire-rated, blast/bullet resistant, hollow steel doors, and much more. Be sure to reach out to our team if you have any questions about steel doors.

3. Other Types Of Doors We Service

Our team at Avenue services a wide range of doors, some other doors include:

  • Steel doors
  • Steel hollow doors
  • Glass sliding and automatic doors
  • Doors in malls
  • Revolving doors
  • Aluminum doors

We also provide services surrounding the hardware used in these doors such as:

  • Handicap buttons
  • Automatic openers
  • Push-button openers/closers

Our services

We are not your regular Calgary door repair firm, we do everything from door installation, door replacements, door repairs, and much more.

1. Door installation

Have you recently completed a project on your commercial building and require some high-quality doors? Leave that to our experts. After we offer our installation services, you may never need a replacement; glass, steel, or aluminum.

We will give you personalized installation services. We have a wide range of doors and windows from Steel doors, Steel hollow doors to aluminum and many others. You choose the one that works best for you and we give you the perfect design.

2. Door replacements

When your door gets too old or too shabby for your liking, we are always here to spring life back into the exterior of your home with one of our beautiful doors. Contact us today to get yourself a new door.

3. Door repair

Our technicians offer a 24-hour service all year long to handle any door problem you may be facing with your home doors.

We have a solution to any door problem, including door closers, cladding, panic bars, and door locks.

4. Installation of door hardware

To further increase the security of your building, we will help you install door hardware that increases energy efficiency and reduces the risk of a potential break-in. This can also include the installation of frames, cladding, and locks.

Why should you choose us?

We know many Calgary door repair firms offer the same services but definitely not the same quality as we do. Customer satisfaction comes top on our priority list.

1. Dedicated technical team/workmanship

Our Calgary technicians don’t only focus on getting the job done but they prioritize giving you a level of quality that keeps you satisfied.

2. Competitive prices

Whether you’re coming for door replacement, repair, or installation, we are your Calgary door plug for the best services. Call us or visit our website to speak with us.

3. Warranty

We offer a warranty on all our products, especially glass, to keep you satisfied for longer. Our years of service should further increase your expectations. We have been delivering essential door services to the entire Calgary area and areas surrounding Calgary for 7 years and we have been able to keep our clients satisfied.

Our warranty includes manufacture 1 year and workmanship 1 year.

We have 24-hour availability for emergencies when you need us for any door problem in your house, including repairs, installation, or replacement.

Tighten your home security today, reduce the risk of a break-in, call us now to give your door a repair.


Avenue BPM offers repair and inspection services for all types of doors, windows, and gates:
Repairs and replacements of folding grilles and turnstiles
Repairs and replacements of all door hardware (closers, hinges, handles, locks, weather stripping…)
Glass replacements
Window replacement and servicing
Repairs and replacements of toilet stalls/partitions and washroom accessories/locks
Repairs and replacements of impact/crash doors
Caulking repairs and re-seals
Flashing repairs
Leak investigations